Friday, 8 October 2010

Campaign for Wool

Wool Week is upon us! The Campaign for Wool wants to remind Britain just how marvellous wool is. Junky are more than happy to shout about wool, after a great deal of the upcycling that they does is with wool, be it suiting, tweed or knit. There are loads of wooly events on during the Week, the most intriguing sounding being the Savile Row Field Day today. Savile Row is closed to traffic and sheep will spend the day grazing on specially laid pasture (surely an event like that should take place on the Grays Inn Road?!). Some of Savile Rows most prestigious tailoring houses will open their doors to the public to show their normally secret wool workings.

Part of the point of reminding people of wool's durability, versatility and beauty is to encourage British consumers to buy more wool products. If demand for a range of wool products is high, then wool-bearing British sheep are more likely to be bred, meaning traditional and rare breeds have a chance to thrive and continue producing the gorgeous tweeds and knits which make up such a large part of traditional, country, and, increasingly, contemporary fashion.

Junky have always loved wool for its practical benefits, not to mention its timeless elegance. As the Campaign for Wool puts it:

'Wool is warmer in winter but cooler in summer; it holds its shape better than synthetics and it's longer-lasting. It is also fully biodegradable – a garment made of 100% wool will, at the end of its very long life, biodegrade but synthetics can linger in landfill for years.' And who would argue with that?

Junky Styling Autumn Winter Collection - Women

Junky's Autumn Winter 2010 collection is all about the silhouette. From tailored hareem trousers to hooded shirts, mini capes and flag shaped skirts and dresses, these pieces have an assured and effortlessly modern feel. At the core of Junky's design is the sense of familiar shapes given a new look and a new function - collars appear backwards and sideways, buttons, sleeves and suit details appear in unexpected ways and in a new light. The flag skirts and dresses create an amplified silhouette, the wide-leg hareem trousers give the wearer a liberating sense of movement and shape, and lapels and collar details reworked into sleeves and necklines give a uniquely wearable sense of structure. Cast a different shadow in Junky's new collection.

For the full lookbook check out the Junky Styling facebook page and or visit the Junky shop at 12 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane.

Junky Styling Autumn Winter Collection - Mens

Junky Styling present their first wholesale men's collection this autumn winter! The collection is full of new takes on classic Junky looks, long available from the shop but now available in forward thinking fashion emporiums the world over. Hooded suit jackets become gorgeous pinstripe hooded bomber jackets, the men's suiting jogger becomes the men's harem trouser in contrasting wools. The wrap-around military cardigans are quickly becoming a shop bestseller and it's easy to see why - so wearable but with the unmistakable Junky edge.

For the lookbook of the full collection, see the Junky Styling facebook page, or visit the shop at 12 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane.

Winners of the RSPCA Good Business Award

Anni and Kurt from Junky Styling

Wednesday evening saw the Junky crew heading to One Marylebone for the RSPCA Good Business Awards, a ceremony designed to recognise companies who show 'innovation and excellence in advancing animal welfare'. The judges for the fashion awards included designer Wayne Hemingway, Vogue contributing editor Lisa Armstrong and Cosmopolitan magazine's fashion director Shelly Vella - who between them awarded Junky Styling the Small Company Award for Fashion. It's fantastic to be recognised for something so close to Junky's heart - creating new and beautiful clothes from upcycled materials and a strict no fur no feathers policy. It was a fantastic evening and a special mention to the vegan crumbles and champagne cocktails at the reception!

The award now in pride of place in the Junky shop window

Visit the RSPCA website for more information on the Good Business Awards

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Junky on the Cover of Esthetica Magazine

Esthetica was founded four years ago to bring together and showcase the work of designers whose work is both sustainable and Fashion. Junky's gorgeous ninja trousers are featured on the cover of their new LFW magazine and we think they look fantastic with the EJW Hamnet-inspired vest, and the dress modelled by Jacquetta Wheeler on the Esthetica catwalk's looking pretty good too...

Friday, 1 October 2010

Jacquetta in Junky

Jacquetta Wheeler on the catwalk in Junky Styling at London Fashion Week's first Sustainable Fashion show. Jacquetta's wearing a classic Junky look, the deconstructed shirt dress with original detail. More examples of the look from one of Junky's catwalk shows: